Vertiginous percussionist and prolific composer, François Essindi Abakuya

Vertiginous percussionist and prolific composer, François Essindi Abakuya invents a personal musical universe (the « Tag Ekang Music Experiences … ») and vibrant which, both in substance and in form, gives new meaning to two words: Freedom and Ancestors. Commitment by and in music: this is the guideline of his creations which never cease to be a call to Artists, non-artists and all those who work around and in the World of Entertainment (Mixers; arrangers, programmers, musicians , remixer; instrumentalists …) François Essindi surprises with his originality and the authenticity of his call for contributions … François Essindi was rewarded by his Ancestors … The artist his repertoire and invites other artists to intervene in this repertoire for a more elaborate production. Like a bottle to the sea; the CD « Tag Ekang Music Experience … » is an official call for participation to the greatest number. Without waiting for the Coups de cœur, the nominations, the Victories and the Music Awards of the Music Awards … François Essindi Abakuya believes in work, faith and collaboration, because « Another World is possible » The artist says to stay tuned for a favorable follow-up to his call … The links for listening to the CD « Tag Ekang Music Experience … »: – Apple Music: musique-exp% C3% A9riences-instrumental / 1577945872 – – Deezer: – https: //www.deezer .com / fr / album / 250776012 – Spotify: – – Amazon Music: en / albums / B09B418311 –

Cd Tag Ekang Music Expérience...

Cd Tag Ekang Music Expérience…

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